"Seriously? I have to work in like this?  Get me out of here!"

COG /käg/ n.


An employee who has lost their passion. They take orders, fly under the radar, get work done and only tolerate the 8-10 hours of their work day hoping that they can just hold on to their job until they retire or until something better comes along.


They live an unfulfilling career, not making the difference in the world they once dreamed.  This is not their desired state or outcome, but they feel powerless to do anything about it or have given up.


They have given in.

Until now.


Play this incredibly insightful video.


Choose one.

~     OK, YOU ARE A COG     ~

We can work with that.

The following is an emotional test.

1) Are you a corporate slave or someone who is in charge of his/her own career?


2) Do you bring your whole-self to work, or just the part that needs to get the job done?


3) Have you forgotten what it feels like to be passionate about your work?


4) Are you holding out, hoping a restructure or layoff doesn't happen?


5) Do you use phrases like, "Back to the grind,." "Will this week ever be over?" "I can't wait 'til the weekend."


6) Do you know WHY you work? Or do you work for a paycheck?


7) Do you feel that you can act, or do you feel acted upon?


8) Do you feel comfortable rocking the boat when you need to, or do you fear retaliation more?


9) Do you know what your work values are and are you true to them?  If the company violated those values, would you leave?


10) Do you feel empowered enough to be able to create huge amounts of value?

If you feel an emotional pain from these questions,

It is time to stop feeling beat up.


It is time to

Just follow this three step process,

and your decoggification will begin.

~   STEP 1   ~

Sign up to download the

"Cogless Manifesto", and to get a once weekly list of help, articles, videos and resources to sustain you through the week.


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~   STEP 2   ~

Join one (or more) of these group for discussion on how to decog yourself throughout the week.

~   STEP 3   ~

Learn more through the Decog Blog, videos and more...

~     COGs are in your company / team     ~

Let's fix that.

Do any of these feel familiar?

1) When you walk the halls do you feel your energy rise or does your energy drain?


2) Do the employees have passion or avoidance in their eyes?


3) Can employees comfortably challenge management or are they afraid to?


4) Are employees engaged or disengaged in their work?


5) Do you spend a lot of time, money and resources to incentivize your teams to do the things you wished they would do on their own?


6) If the company's WHY was gutted, would the employees even notice?


7) Do your principles and a uniting purpose guide your employees' work, or do rules, processes and policy limit their dictated work?


8) Do managers check employee promptness each day, but only evaluate performance only once a year?


9) Is excellence or mediocrity the default?


10) Are employees only told as much as they need to know, or is the company open and transparent?

When you decog your company, no longer will you need to try to force them to be innovative, take initiative or incentivize them to be engaged.  Rather, they will naturally love their work.  You will focus less on employee issues and more on what will make your company successful.  The pressure to be productive will not come down from the management team because employees will already be self-motivated to do awesome work.


With a smile you will sigh an, "Ahhhhhh," rather than scream one.



Let's DECOG your company.  And here's how...


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